Our company Status Bohemias.r.o. (Retrotimber brand) islocated in Czech Republic and since 2014 has offered to its customers(wholesale companiesspecializing in timber, building and interior finishing materials)a unique natural material- old wooden sunburntsurface boards dismantled from old wooden buildings of 70-80-es of the last century (barns, warehouses).

This unique product in its natural form has not been found in Western Europe for a long time.

While in Eastern Europe especially in Russia old wooden buildings have survived until our days.

Boards dismantled from these building is truly arare, ecological friendly natural material allows to

implementthe vintage and countrydesign style in houses, chalets, apartments and offices decoration.

We studied the preferences of inhabitants of ski resort areas in France, Austria and Switzerland, have established business relationships with several customers in France, Switzerland, Italy and now we are looking for new markets and clients.

We have reliable partners and our own production in Russia. We harvest old timber in Siberia, Ural, North and Central parts of Russia by manual and gentle dismantling of old wooden buildings. We produce our boards in accordance with Europeanstandards set by our clients in France (view sec. “Our Products“).

Having accumulated a unique experience of harvesting and processing of the old boards, we are proud of the ability to provide high product quality, which has already been appreciated by our partners in France.

We created the whole processing chain of operations with old dismantled timber: raw material ensuring, production line, technology of manual handling and cleaning of the front surface and logistics.

There is always a stock of not less than 2000 m2 of tongue and groove old boardson our warehouse in Prague. We are ready to ship the wholesale (a truck 2000 m2), medium wholesale (from 800m2) and small wholesale (from 300m2) at any time.

We can deliver old boards, ready for interior finishing (boards have tongue and groovefor high precision boards joining) of any amount directly to customer warehouse across Europe (on DDP terms: price includes transport expenses). Delivery is by truck.

Preference is given to a truckorders(2000 m2),which allowto set individual price and long-term relationships with major customers, including dealership.

We are happy to fulfill Your order! We are ready to produce other old timber products according to your technical assignment and ensure necessary range of products, dimensions, profile and color.

This exclusive,natural, pleasant and really nice product will make people houses ecological friendly and homely!We are looking for your enquiries!

Thanks to you, old board acquires a new life!


Best regards,
Director of Status Bohemia s.r.o.,
Matvey Gladkikh, CZ
Tel. +420 773 559 838
E-mail: info@retrotimber.eu