Our company has its own warehouse in Prague

While working with old boards and relying on the experience and requirements of our customers, we have developed packaging, loading, unloading and storage standards, which allow to avoid risks and ensure the delivery of the board to final customers in full safety.


There is always a stock of not less than 2000 m2 of tongue and groove old boards on our warehouse in Prague.We are ready to ship the wholesale (a truck 2000 m2), medium wholesale (from 800 m2) and small wholesale (from 300 m2) at any time.


We can deliver old boards, ready for interior finishing (boards have tongue and groove for high precision boards joining) of any amount directly to customer warehouse across Europe (on DDP terms: price includes transport expenses). Delivery is by truck.

Preference is given to a truckorders (2000 m2), which allow to set individual price and long-term relationships with major customers, including dealership.


Packaging standards: