We consider it important to draw your attention to the fact that our company has its own production of old board in Russia, organized by our partners in the year 2014. In that way, we provide a complete quality control of the entire process chain from board storage and manufacturing of finished products to delivering it to the buyer in Europe.

Our board is originally from the central part of Russia and Siberia, the regions were the culture of timber construction was historically formed due to rich natural resources.

In different parts of country, in remote villages, we find and manually dismantle the old wooden buildings in very gentle and careful way.

Here the untreated (original) old board look like:


Like this boards come to our warehouse from operators:

After that boards pass the initial sorting and sent to the workshop, where tongue and groove is processed by special quadripartite machine.

The back side of the board is planned, the front side is getting ready for the final manual cleaning:



Further boards enter the final processingwhere the front surfaceis manuallycarried out by special brushes:


Here is the brush for front surface processing:

As a result, the dirt from the front surface is removed and volumetric wood relief appears, which makes the pattern of every board unique.

Here is the front surface of the board before cleaning:

The board in the process of cleaning:

Above – the board after cleaning:

After that the prepared boards are edged (to the desired size in length):


Boards are sorted by length, width and color:

Boards are stacked into batches (ready for shipment):


Here are the batches of old boards processed, ready for loading in the truck and packaged in accordance with European standards:


So original old gray board turns into retro-board – a unique finishing material which helps to travel back in time and space and enjoy this miraculous energy which has accumulated in the wood over the years.