The source of our old boards are old wooden buildings 70-80s of the last century (barns, warehouses, etc.).

Our old boards are originally from the central part of Russia and Siberia, the regions were the culture of timber construction was historically formed due to rich natural resources.

In different parts of country, in remote villages, we find and manually dismantle the old wooden buildings in very gentle and careful way.

Historically this trend emerged in Western Europe in the late XX century, in the post-industrial period of globalization, the obsession with eco-style and the beginning of recycling It is beautiful, it indicates the value of old artefact and natural human environment.

That is why regarding our reclaimed boards we use the word «retro» meaning not only material but also the cultural value of things which is difficult to find in modern everyday life with its deliberate practicality and the desire to get rid of "unnecessary" details.

What could be better the natural material, among which wood stands in the first place!

Board pattern, its color, texture, relief are unique as a human fingerprint predetermined by the nature (sun, wind, humidity) and cleansing deep of surface.

Special atmosphere of old ages created by reclaimed timber helps to travel back in time and space and enjoy this miraculous energy which has accumulated in the wood over the years.